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Anna Pingina (aka Pingy) is a Russian born singer, songwriter, and producer now living and creating in Tokyo.


Previously acclaimed as a musical theater performer for principal roles in major international theatrical productions (Notre Dame de Paris, Jesus Christ Superstar, West Side Story), Anna launched her solo career with a debut album “Moy” (Mine) in 2010. The album – a remarkable corollary to a 15-year immersion into ethnic folk studies – revealed a distinctive musical philosophy and enigmatic poetry, was nominated Best World Beat Album in the 11th Independent Music Awards (IMA) and won the fan-determined IMA Vox Pop. Two tracks from the album – "Lastochka" (Swallow) and "Ovod" (Gadfly) – have also gained wide mass recognition in 2012 as part of the soundtrack to a Russian blockbuster "Steel Butterfly".


Promptly following the "MOY" album release, Anna's 2011 single “Bez Golovy” (Headless) – a catchy rock-pop hit – revealed new facets of Anna's talents and charms, while the remixed "Lastochka" (Swallow) took the first prize at the European music competition “Driven Creativity Competition 2011”.


Anna's second record "Ahimsa" released in 2013, elevated the virtues often unseen by the modern eye. In Sanskrit, Ahimsa means nonviolence and conduct aimed at lessening the amount of evil in the world by confronting the evil itself and not the people corrupt by evil. The “Ahimsa” album is a collection of stories about the realities of urbanized world – pain, prejudice, violence – and people trying to survive in this world. For Anna, the album represented a bold leap towards tempestuous indie-rock and alternative sound. “This record took us to a brand new level of musical thinking, arrangements and sound. I have always been attracted to dynamic and powerful music including, in the recent years, post-rock. I am happy that I was able to bring this interest of mine to life,” she commented.


Anna is a frequent and desired performer at a broad range of festivals, both in Russia and beyond, including Park Live Festival, Dikaya Myata (Wild Mint), Nashestvie (Russia's biggest rock festival), Usadba-Jazz, Mir Sibiri (World of Siberia), Kurarock Festival in Finland, The Russian Weeks in Egypt and more.


Since her debut performance in Tokyo in June 2016, Anna has been collaborating with Japanese musicians and, in addition to regular live performances, is now working on a soundtrack to an animation release and the long-awaited third album.

Full band line-up:

Anna Pingina  -  voice, songs, wind instruments

Gergey Geokchaev  -  keyboard, electronics

Maxim Firsov  -  bass

Alexander Zakharov  -  drums

Roman Palmov  -  guitars

Oleg Drobinskiy  -  wind instruments (kaval, bagpipes, fluer, clarinet)

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